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Inventure Properties began to help our clients focus less on non-operating activities such as building ownership, operation, and maintenance. Currently, we have a wide range of tenants in our repertoire. We’re happy to house businesses like the Youth Shelter Supply.

We recently sat down with Owner Mike Pettit and asked him a few questions about this unique business:


What is the Youth Shelter Supply?

The Youth Shelter Supply is a specialty retail store. We sell brands of clothing, footwear, and equipment that specialize in skateboarding, longboarding, and snowboarding. Skate and snow sports are our specialty, but we also have an awesome selection of the latest footwear and winter apparel.


Where did that name come from?

Our name came from the need we found in the area: we wanted to open a store that would supply the youth of Central Minnesota with a different shopping option than they can find everywhere else.


How long has your store been in business? How long have you been at your 5th Ave location?

We opened in 1998 and have remained successful for the last 19 years. We’ve been on campus for the last 4 years.

How has your business evolved over those years?

We basically have been the same thing from day one. We offer a unique option for shopping that can’t be found anywhere else in town. The only thing that might change is the trends of the industries we serve. Over our 20 years, we have changed slightly to match the demand of our customers.


What made you decide to move to downtown St. Cloud?

We’re happy to be so near the Downtown St. Cloud area, but technically we’re not downtown; were on campus. We moved near the campus of SCSU to being close to the kids that use campus and would find the most interest in our store.


Has your customer base and traffic changed from your last location to your current location?

Not too much, actually. We do see a bit more foot traffic than we did at the old location, which was our goal.


At Inventure Properties, we work to place the businesses we work with in areas that are relative to their business goals. The Youth Shelter Supply is one example of a business benefitting from a change in location and continues to drive new relationships out of the Coborn Plaza building near St. Cloud State University.


Contact The Youth Shelter Supply:
305 5th Ave S #100, St Cloud, MN 56301
(320) 656-7773