Real Estate Development is the process of converting dreams and ideas into reality. Inventure Properties Development Division begins with an idea and works within many different industry disciplines to utilize its experience creating investment opportunities. Development is a complex five step process which involves aligning many different parts of the real estate world, property owner, potential new tenant, contractor and investors in alliance solidifying the prosperity of a new project.


The first step in the development process begins with the evaluation of land parcels considering their highest and best use, zoning, easements and designing project layouts.


The second step would be the negotiation and subsequent engagements in purchase agreements to secure rights to the property, providing a potential tenant confidence in the ability to move forward with the project.


As we move on to the third step, we engage with architects, designers and contractors to create cost analysis based on concept drawings and ideas for different types of building structures. With that information, we start a very detailed process of creating pro formas to give us information that we can take to market and look for investment partners to create returns on investment for their deals.


The fourth step in the process is to actively work with leasing agents, individual users and others in the real estate industry to secure tenants for a specific project. Most of our projects are design-build, lease back as we are not speculative investors with the goal of returning cash on cash returns the first month after a project is complete and instead pursue long-term standing relationships.


The fifth and final step is the delivery to owner, owner’s representative and/or facilities management. Completing our process, we work diligently with the tenant in the last month leading up to their lease commencement as their owner’s representative guiding and preparing them for the move into their new facility. We may engage with their furniture system suppliers, IT groups and communications system(s) provider to ensure a seamless transition into their new facility. After move in, our facilities management division visits the tenant at a minimum of one time per week to ensure the facility is performing to their expectations.


Redevelopment is defined as the action or process of developing something again or differently and we view this as the opportunity to identify possibilities and capabilities of a property in directing it to a more advanced and effective state. Our development group has the foresight to see the potential a piece of real estate could yield, making certain these capabilities also align with the ultimate goals and best use of the land for the communities in which they exist. The re-creation of existing land or structures ensures the longevity of the asset. Inventure Properties takes all these factors into consideration to bring out the best in real estate. Our success in redevelopment also stretches into the ability to work with different municipalities to solicit and secure TIF and DEED grants making these projects more feasible.


Rehabilitation is the process of restoring real estate to its best use condition. Our experience in working with State and City Historical Preservation Offices, National Parks Board and local governments to rehabilitate and preserve structures to their originally intended form incorporating comforts of modern technology make us experts in this facet of project development. With careful planning and a tried and true building process, Inventure Properties can bring historic buildings back to life.