Inventure Properties facilities management provides a wide array of services to serve our Client and Tenant needs.

Building system maintenance

A multifaceted system of maintenance services including: control of operability, setup and adjustment, preparation of building system components and the building in general for seasonal operation. The services are provided in compliance with all applicable standards and regulations.

Inventure Properties offers numerous building system maintenance services, including:

  • Supervision
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance (routine servicing)
  • Repair and retrofit of equipment
  • Document control and record keeping
  • Supply of spare parts and expendables

Property management

As part of comprehensive building management, Inventure Properties offers property management services such as monitoring lease and insurance agreements, controlling workflow and financial statements, selection of suppliers and executing utility agreements.


We offer consulting services in the sphere of design, installation and comprehensive building and building system management. Our experience proves that professional consulting helps an investor or developer to answer questions of project feasibility, validity of engineering solutions and minimization of construction costs.

Security management

Traditionally, building management services include security management and public order control at the facility. Inventure’s services include access control systems, control of inner and adjacent territory, perimeter control, security system maintenance and more.

Indoor & outdoor cleaning

Modern buildings should not only meet the highest requirements regarding building systems and security management, but also should be kept clean and in order. A clean and beautiful office is the face of the company. As part of comprehensive building management, we coordinate cleaning services, from day-to-day indoor and/or outdoor cleaning to comprehensive post construction and after repair cleaning.

Technical supervision and control of construction and installation works

Inventure Properties offers Owners and Tenants our services for technical supervision and control of construction and installation works. During project implementation, our specialists check the compliance of all technical standards and conditions as well as conduct ongoing audits to monitor the quality of construction and installation works.

Additional services

Inventure Properties offers a number of services including stock maintenance, minor landscaping and any other general building services. These services can be specifically tailored to your facility’s needs.


Tier I

Basic facilities oversight with direct reporting to property owner of issues and items needing attention.


Tier II

Facilities oversight with coordination of services including maintenance, lawn and snow care, cleaning services and all other trades necessary to keep your facility up and running.


Tier III

Facilities oversight, coordination of services, basic accounting, and includes all maintenance services at no extra cost. The price for general maintenance and upkeep of electrical components, HVAC preventative maintenance and general service, lawn and snow services and all other general facilities upkeep are built into the monthly price.