Inventure Properties History

Feb 09

Looking Forward

Inventure Properties, LLC already has two to three projects in our pipeline.

Feb 10

First Historical Rehabilitation Project

Developed the First National Bank of Saint Cloud as first historical rehabilitation project with State Historic Preservation Office and National Park Service and secured tenancy for entire building.

Feb 09

Continued Growth

Our team continued to grow adding Heather Helmbrecht-Bever as our Executive Administrator and Sarah Hansen as our Marketing Coordinator.

Feb 09

First Land Only Development

Established Vantage Point Campus as our first land only speculate project, consisting of 8.44 acres in Sartell to be developed for retail office spaces.

Feb 09

Quinlivan & Hughes Law Firm

Redeveloped former Granite Bowl site for Quinlivan & Hughes Law Firm.

Feb 09

Lee Stevens Joins the Team

Lee Stevens joined the team as our first full-time Director of Facility Management.

Feb 09

Ryan Cross Joined the Team

Ryan Cross joined the team as Development Associate.

Feb 09

Secured DEED TIF financing in MN

Worked with partner to secure DEED TIF financing for the first time in Central MN for a design- build lease back office complex.

Feb 09

CentraCare Becomes Sole Tenant

CentraCare Home Healthcare and Dialysis Center moved into CentraCare Square utilizing the entire building. CentraCare Clinic

Jan 09

Inventure is Born

Construction Land Development, LLC changed its name to Inventure Properties, LLC.

Feb 09

2035 Building Gets New Tenant

Douglas J. Boser procured a deal with CentraCare as a tenant for the 2035 Building and renamed it “CentraCare Square”. CentraCare Wound Center moved into approximately 4,158 square feet of CentraCare Square.

Feb 09

Jim Schleper joined as COO

Jim Schleper joined as COO with real estate development, commercial financing, property management and maintenance management experience.

Mar 28

Completed Building Left Empty

As a result of the market crash, the only tenant of the 2035 Building defaulted on their lease and departed, leaving the building empty for approximately one (1) year. Through the strength of our network and perseverance for success, we were later able to procure a long-lasting, strong tenant allowing us to overcome this difficult time in the economy.

Feb 09

2035 Building Opens

In February, SJA Architects moved into 2035 Building as main tenant with redevelopment and construction of the site complete.

Feb 09

Re-construction of 2035 Building

In August, Boser Construction began destruction of current SJA Architects offices and started re-construction of the 2035 Building. The 2035 Building would consist of 24,698 square feet and would be a modern, state of the art redevelopment building.

Feb 09

Proposed redevelopment of 2035 Building

In May, SJA Architects approached Douglas J. Boser with intentions to redevelop an existing bank building located in St. Cloud, MN referred to as the “2035 Building.”

Feb 09

Sartell Land Sold

Construction Land Development, LLC sold the 6 ½ acre industrial property in Sartell, MN.

Feb 09

Quad Properties, Inc Sold

Douglas J. Boser sold the holdings of Quad Properties, Inc.

Feb 09

Sartell Land Purchase

Construction Land Development purchased a 6 ½ acre industrial property in Sartell, MN for speculative development projects.

Feb 09

Construction Land Development, LLC

Douglas J. Boser formed Construction Land Development, LLC to purchase raw property and hold short-term development projects.

Feb 09

Quad Properties, Inc

Douglas J. Boser purchased his first four (4) student housing properties and named the endeavor “Quad Properties, Inc.”