Our History

Inventure is what happens when the founder of a respected commercial construction company (Boser Construction) sees a need for a better way to do commercial real estate development in Central Minnesota. In 2008, at the start of the most recent recession, the Greater St. Cloud community needed a local player who could own all aspects of commercial property development and be connected enough to take into account the economic desires of the entire region.

Boser Construction’s long-standing history of commercial building excellence naturally led to this new area of expertise connecting the dots between local investors and new property development ventures. Alas, Inventure was born. In 2017, Inventure formally separated from Boser Construction to operate independently.

Today, nearly a decade after its initial development project, Inventure continues to operate with one core objective: be a transparent development partner who’s diverse portfolio brings value to property investors, property tenants and the communities in which the properties exist.

From the dramatic revitalization effort in downtown St. Cloud all the way down the Hwy 94 corridor, Inventure’s impact is significant — and we’re just getting started. Inspired by one of St. Cloud’s original development visionaries A.G. Whitney of the late 1800s and early 1900s, Inventure is focused on leaving a legacy portfolio for everyone to enjoy for decades to come.