Inventure Real Estate is excited about the future Sartell Business Campus, an exceptional opportunity for MedTech businesses looking to thrive in a dynamic and collaborative ecosystem. With a flourishing MedTech landscape, a pioneering academic-industry partnership, access to top talent, strategic location, and a supportive business environment, the Sartell Business Campus emerges as a compelling choice for your next destination.

  1. University of Minnesota-CentraCare Partnership: The Sartell Business Campus benefits immensely from the groundbreaking partnership between the University of Minnesota and CentraCare, which has recently announced plans for a new medical school. This collaboration signifies a commitment to advancing medical education and research, thereby enriching the talent pool, and fostering a culture of innovation within the region.
  2. Access to Top Talent: With the proximity to the University of Minnesota and its renowned medical programs, and St. Cloud State’s three graduate programs in the MedTech industry: Applied Clinical Research, Medical Technology Quality and Regulatory Affairs & Services, the Central Minnesota region provides access to a steady stream of top-tier talent in the fields of medicine, biomedical engineering, and related disciplines. This talent pipeline ensures a skilled workforce readily available to drive your MedTech business forward.
  3. Strategic Location and Infrastructure: Situated near major transportation hubs and with access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, the Sartell Business Campus offers logistical advantages for MedTech companies. The city’s strategic location within the Greater St. Cloud metropolitan area facilitates seamless connectivity with key markets, suppliers, and distribution channels.
  4. Supportive Business Environment: Sartell prides itself on its business-friendly environment, characterized by supportive local government policies, access to financial incentives, and a strong network of industry associations and resources. Whether you are a startup seeking incubation support or an established firm looking to expand, Sartell provides the necessary infrastructure and resources to foster growth and success.

Economic Development Summary

In fall 2025, CentraCare will open a St. Cloud-based medical school located in CentraCare Plaza, less than a mile away from the Sartell Business Campus. The City of Sartell envisions the Sartell Business Campus as part of the Central Minnesota Healthcare Hub

CentraCare’s 10-year vision of Making Rural Life Healthier includes investing $500 million to expand and upgrade facilities in the region including the CentraCare Plaza.

The Sartell Business Campus is the most visible property from HWY 15 in the Central Minnesota Healthcare hub, which is the center of Sartell’s economic development activity. 

The City of Sartell is seeking $70 million in bonding money in the 2024 Minnesota legislative session to help pay for necessary infrastructure in this area. 

Minnesota Capital Investment Committee Chair Sandy Pappas said in November 2023, “I was amazed at all the medical facilities here. When they talked about it being a medical hub, I thought two or three buildings. But we drove around for 20 minutes, and on every street corner, there was another medical building.”

For more information on how to make the Sartell Business Campus your next destination, contact John Uphoff or Jake Cleveland at Inventure. 

John Uphoff
John Uphoff

John Uphoff is a seasoned Development Associate with a decade of invaluable experience in the field. With a Bachelor’s degree in Planning and Community Development from St. Cloud State University, he brings a comprehensive understanding of the intricate dynamics involved in real estate development.

Throughout his career, John has consistently demonstrated success in spearheading and overseeing projects from inception to completion.